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B2B Compliance ensures Legal Compliance
and provides excellent Support and Advice

Not-for-Profit, By-Industry-For-Industry

Non-household and household producers can be assured of a professional, hassle free solution to meeting their WEEE obligations.

Through our industry-led and not for profit approach we ensure the recycling of WEEE is ethical and efficient, passing the recycling cost on, at cost with no mark up.

B2B Compliance ensures legal compliance by:

Taking on Members’ legal obligations as assigned within the WEEE Regulations

Registering Members with the Environment Agency and assisting with EEE data submissions via an easy to use online data registration site

Interfacing with regulators and government departments

B2B Compliance provides support & advice through:

Expert advice and support on all WEEE issues via a telephone and email helpline

Regular News Updates via a bi-monthly Bulletin

Up-to-date information and guidance via the Online Member Area

Online Member Account for individual account tracking

B2B Compliance operates ethically & responsibly:

B2B Collections: We ensure Members only pay for WEEE that they are legally obligated to finance. We liaise with the end user providing full recycling services.

B2C Collections: Innovative solutions have been developed by B2B Compliance to ensure the scheme has direct access and control of B2C WEEE in order to meet Members’ market share obligations.

We protect our Members' interests by:

Constantly and successfully lobbying for improvements and practical approaches

Participating in advisory groups, industry working groups and procurement bodies in order to ensure appropriate consideration of Members' interests

Directly represent our Members' interests to BIS, DEFRA and the regulatory authorities.

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Our expertise in producer responsibility legislation is widely acknowledged and we are recognised as leaders in our field.

If you wish to discuss your company’s particular situation in relation to the WEEE Regulations and meeting your legal compliance; or to receive guidance and further information on the benefits of Joining B2B Compliance, please contact us.

For a detailed insight into how B2B Compliance can fulfill your responsibilities and meet your commercial business needs register your attendance on one of our free open days.

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Alternatively if you would prefer a dedicated workshop at your premises please contact the Membership Services Team for a quotation.

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"The advice, training, guidance and general service level I have received from B2B Compliance has always been timely and thorough and their service is excellent.  I would not hesitate to recommend B2B Compliance"

Carol Ann Cooper, Cambridge, UK, employee of a B2B Compliance Member

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